Broadband Survey

BT Community Fibre

To improve the broadband speeds in Chappel (east of the viaduct) we have engaged with BT Community Fibre with the intention of getting a fibre cabinet installed at Rose Green.

The community will have to have to pay part of the cost, but there is a possibility that we can fully fund the project with Better Broadband Vouchers from BDUK.

If you would like to apply for a Better Broadband Vouchers to be used against this project you need to fill out the form below:

It is important that you understand that this voucher is conditional of you taking up fibre internet when service becomes available. If you have any questions contact: Kern Herskind Nightingale (07903341529/ - Willow Cottage, Colchester Road, Chappel, CO6 2DE)

So that we can track how many vouchers we have, please update the list in the spreadsheet - ESPECIALLY column "O" (it's the orange one) to indicate if you have applied for a voucher and ideally an email address so we can get hold of you:

How do I fill out the form?

Here is some guidance on how to fill in the form.

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